Wahoo Kickr Gen 2 no resistance control & world calendar timezones

(Phil Hicks) #1

Firstly, amazing job to the team(s) involved at Zwift for the new Android app. For the most part the app is flawless and it will definitely increase my usage and satisfaction of Zwift.

The only issues I encountered were:

  • No resistance control
  • World calendar timezones didn’t seem to be local timezone because the wrong world/routes were available (most likely LA whereas I’m in Melbourne)

Device brand/model: Samsung Galaxy S7
Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Gen 2
OS: Nougat/7.1.2
Build version: v9 1.0.27632
World: Richmond
Ride: Regular

I’m upgrading to Oreo/8.0 tonight and will try again as well as take a look via Fiddler to see if I can offer more information.


(Vincent W.) #2

With the no resistance control, do you mean you feel no resistance at all when free riding? Or you’re having trouble with ERG mode? 

(Phil Hicks) #3

Hi Vincent,

The trainer resistance remains unchanged when the gradient changes e.g. if I maintain consistent power when cycling uphill my speed just drops.

I’ve just confirmed that this is also still the case having updated my phone to Oreo/8.0.0.

Also checked that resistance change in Settings is not “off” (it’s in the middle, not on “max”) and the same Wahoo device ID is used for Power+Controllable trainer pairing.

Wahoo Kickr firmware version 3.4.62.

Let me know if you want me to try anything else.

(John Fetherstonhaugh) #4

Hi. I have the same issue with resistance on Cycleops Magnus and Samsung Galaxy tab 2

(Reynaldo Garcia) #5

Same on my Wahoo! Kickr2.  OnePlus6  Android 8.1.  Gotta admit though, it was kinda fun spinning out like that.  Trying to keep the watts necessary to go the speed i’m used to going was… interesting.