Wahoo KICKR firmware password?

Want to downgrade the firmware on a kickr core but I have to enter a password. Anybody knows what it is?

Odd, I have downgraded before never asked for a password besides generally logging into Wahoo app. Is that what you mean? If so, your username and password are unique to you.

Once you’re in in do this:

image courtesy of @Tom_Hagler

I am asked for a password when I attempt the update. I have tried my wahoo password but that’s not it.

I just clicked OK and it worked… so no password needed.
I have downgraded from 4.3.0 back to 4.2.8 as .3.0 kept spiking when moving from free ride to erg DESPITE using DIRCON. Wahoo says its interference. NO IT IS NOT…

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Wahoo replaced my kickr core free of charge.