Wahoo kickr BLE

I’m hoping someone can help, spent the last few days trying to get Zwift to work and after trying to use a full BLE USB dongle in the PC (windows 10) and realising this isn’t supported no matter what i try i cannot get Zwift to show anything other than no signal through the application. I’ve removed all instances of the kicker from the Wahoo fitness applications, and rebooted both the PC and the mobile device to no avail. The Wahoo fitness app with control the resistance just fine.

BLE directly to the PC is not supported, you will need to use the Zwift Mobile Link to bridge the connection. You need to make sure that the Kickr is not connected to your phone or any other app on the phone (including the Wahoo app) or it will not connect to Zwift. The only app it should connect to is the Zwift Mobile App.

Paul the BLE through the computer was the initial way i was trying to connect. not realising it was not fully supported. So here is what i’ve just tried…

Android Phone:

Removed all instances of anything that connected to the Kickr (Wahoo fitness/utility etc)made sure it was not paired with the phone in any way.

Rebooted the phone and restarted the computer with the Kickr switched off.

Opened Zwift on the computer, opened the mobile link on the phone and they’ve connected together (notice the phone symbol at the top left of the screenshot earlier)

Then powered up the Kickr to the same problem

Some of us are having connection problems with the Android app since the last update as discussed here:


Cheers Daniel, I’ve added a comment to that thread, which oddly didn’t show up in either searching for the issue or when i attempted to create this thread.