Wahoo Kickr and resistance

(Robert Cooper) #1


I am new to Zwift (trialling it) and to turbo training in general, so please forgive me if my questions are dumb.

I have downloaded a training plan from http://zwiftworkouts.com/files/inverted_pyramid.zwo

when I rode this plan, the Kickr did not appear to change the resistance at all, 2 of the segments call for 290W during these I was spinning like crazy the faster my cadence the lower my power at the top end.

Is there a way to test Zwift with Kickr where I can get definitive positive feedback to ensure both are working and it is my inexperience that is the issue?

Is there a way to prove the Kickr responds and will increase resistance without Zwift?

I have the lastest firmware and have done a recent spindown.



(Jason K) #2

Since we’re working with you via ticket, I’m going to close this thread. Thanks!