Wahoo kicker not measuring power

Zwift reads the kickr. I have calibrated, but when I start a ride, I can barely pedal, the resistance is so hard, and zwift doesn’t read any power at all. My avatar stays where it’s at. Doesn’t move at all. 

go to your settings in zwift and put your trainer power to 50%

Q: The resistance increased too much, and I couldn’t pedal!

A: This is typically for one of two reasons: your cadence was too low entering a high wattage interval or your FTP is set too high. You may want to try keeping your cadence > 90 RPM so that the resistance for your trainer doesn’t increase dramatically when you enter an interval with a high wattage target. 

Alternatively, if your FTP is set too high, the wattage target may simply not be feasible at your current fitness level. If you haven’t completed one of the FTP test workouts, do that first.

We had this issue with our Wahoo original kickrs after upgrading to the latest firmware (1.5.68). After a lot of hair pulling, a factory spin down (not the regular spin down) through the Wahoo app solved the problem.  We have new problems now with wildly varying power fluctuations in the Zwift app but that is another issue.

What is the factory spin down? I have heard not to do the zwift spindown it’s not as accurate. If you have a wahoo to do the app spindown