Wahoo Kicker Bike V1 or V2

Hey everyone,

this topic does not specifically deal with a Zwift-related issue. But I have to make a choice (for girlfriend) between the V1 or the V2 version of the Kickr bike.

The V1 is available for a pretty good price compared to the V2. My question now is whether the upgrades in the latest version justify the price compared to the first version.

Has anyone upgraded from V1 to V2 and would like to share their experience?

This doesn’t quite answer your question, but I picked up a Kickr Bike v1 last year when they were heavily discounted (just before v2 came out). As far as I can tell, the only real advantage v2 has is the wi-fi/direct connect, and that easily wasn’t worth an extra $1400 to me. The bluetooth connection has been really solid for me, I don’t think I’ve ever even had the connection drop out. v2 also has a higher maximum wattage, but you won’t need it unless you’re regularly busting out 2200w+ sprints (in which case you probably get your equipment for free :joy:). I’d say go with v1 if you’re getting a good deal on it.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Had the same thoughts initially and will go for the v1 now. The extra $1400 will be wisely invested in Wahoo Headwind and another Elemnt Bolt.

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Race Mode has entered the chat.

If that’s only available over wi-fi/direct connect, it won’t be added to the v1 bike. I only race occasionally (and very badly :joy:) so still not worth the extra $ for me. It’s not necessary for freeriding and ERG workouts.

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Yes, I don’t think I really need Race Mode (yet)… :see_no_evil: My next and most important goal is my butt not hurting too much after the workouts. :joy:

You’ll regret! Mark my words :slight_smile:

Would suggest just getting a common industrial fan (a 450mm one sitting on floor) - this is probably cheaper and more powerful than a specific Wahoo one.

Is race mode supported for Wahoo Kickr Bike v2 yet?

Race mode just got released in the 30October Firmware release. They’re calling it Beta so don’t say you weren’t warned…