KICKR Bike: original or new version?

I’ve been considering getting a KICKR Bike for a while, and there are some good deals to be had on the outgoing original model right now. It looks like the biggest improvement on the new version is the addition of wi-fi/ethernet connectivity (I don’t need the ERG ramp thing and I’m in no danger of exceeding 2200W). Wi-fi would be nice to have but not worth an extra $500 to me, and definitely not worth an extra $1000. Is there anything else I’m missing that would justify the extra cost, or should I just go with the first gen KICKR Bike?

How big is the price difference for you right now? Kickr Bike is pretty nice but keep in mind that there is still some noise from it(humming noise that can be quite audible depending on your cadence). Other than the occasional noise, the Kickr bike had been very sturdy and reliable.

I ended up ordering the Kickr Bike V1. Wahoo has them on sale for $2600 now. I read about the noise but I’m thinking it won’t be a problem since I always have fans and loud music going, and I started out on rollers so I’m used to a lot more noise than any smart trainer :grin:.