Wahoo Kicker bike - steering is still buggy in Zwift

Did the new 1.20.0 Zwift update yesterday. Got on Zwift this am and turned steering “off” while on the log-in screen. Entered the Uber Pretzel group ride and noticed that my steering icon was “on” after the event started. I was NOT able to steer during the event, but my rider was mostly pushed to the side of the group and I was frequently seeing the “close the gap” command on the screen even while at the edge of the 10-rider group, so I don’t think I was benefitting optimally from the draft. Also, my rider would automatically take the racing line through corners (which was a different line from others around me), and at the end of the event I had about 0.4 miles less than the others that I rode with. So, the steering and pack dynamics is still not figured out.

I haven’t found steering at all useful yet, so I’d like to be able to turn it off on the Companion App or via the Apple TV during an event - as sometimes I inadvertently start an event with steering on - or switches on in events where steering is allowed, and since it kind of sucks on a group ride, I’d like to be able to turn it off after the event has started. (I use an Apple TV and my Wahoo Kicker bike has the latest update). Any way to do this without ending the ride?

I suggest responding to this post asking if the problem has been fixed by the latest release - Pack Dynamics 3.0 Update [November 2021] - #63

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