Wahoo Elemnt Rival

Anyone else using the Rival watch for running on zwift?

I bought one as running on zwift was supported and I only have an old dumb treadmill. I have found it’s very inaccurate, even after calibration, I generally jog in the 4:30-5min/kms, but zwift will have me at around 8min/kms…

Any ideas of fixing this? The old zwift foot pod was far more accurate.

How does the calibration work on that watch?

Do you calibrate it in Zwift like a foot pod or on the watch after you complete your run?

I believe you can calibrate it although I run outdoors on Zwift.(no space or money for a treadmill). Only a Stryd seems semi-accurate, my HRM pro and Zwift pod had me running a damn site faster than I can. So much so I was getting away from A cat events and there is zero chance of that in real life (a high B, low A at best). Spoils the event for both others and myself when so wildly off

It doesn’t have calibration on the watch, but I’ve realized that the watch data looks accurate while running, but doesn’t transmit correctly to zwift, but only over 8km/h is inaccurate, very accurate under 8km/h… Weird

I had a zwift pod that I can’t find now, but was fairly accurate I thought