Calibrating Wahoo Tickr Run

I’ve been trying to calibrate a Tickr Run and I’m not having much luck. The device pairs just fine and reports HR just fine. When I start the calibration it seems to work fine. It asks me to set the treadmill at 7.5 mph and goes for 40 seconds. That goes fine as well.

The problem starts on the next step. It asks me to slow the treadmill to 6.6 mph, which I do but then the calibration gets stuck. It says I need to hold a constant speed even though I’m not changing anything. A few times (I’ve tried many) it would say to speed up or slow down. It always eventually fails on this step.

Any thoughts on what might be going wrong? Anything I can do to debug?


I have this problem as well. How did you solve it

I bought a Zwift foot pod… :frowning:


This issue is now nearly 3 months old. Any comment from zwift support?

ive been having the same issue. bought the Tickrx for using on my treadmill and when on the rollers. have given up using it on the treadmill with Zwift and resorted to using my Apple watch. Kind of regretting dropping £60 on the thing.