One HR Wahoo Tickr for both Cycle and Run Issues

Set up: Zwift Running on TVos apple tv box, Zwift Companion running on iPhone, Wahoo HR tracker

New HR monitor (2 months old at this point) To start this was working perfectly (cycling only), then we got a treadmill Spirit XT685 to also use in Zwift.

Now using same account, 1 HR monitor Wahoo Tickr for both cycling and running. I am running into an issue where the Tickr pairs fine and shows in game, but the received HR is stale meaning it will sit at 98, 103, 105, 120 for long periods of time all the way up to 150 but still stale like its not refreshing at the appropriate frequency.

Reached out to Wahoo recommended new battery, battery replaced, first cycling workout tracked perfectly. Next day run workout issues again, back to cycling issues still exists. Follow the reset steps by wahoo issue still exists. At this point the monitor is sitting with the battery out to see if my next workout will track correctly.