Wahoo Customer service

I bought a Wahoo Kickr Bike in July- it is a great product, so much fun.

But … it broke after just a few weeks, no connection to anything anymore other than a flashing power block. This can happen, and considering the significant price for this product, I expected it to be replaced in no time.

It has now been more than two months ! They sent packing boxes and the bike is sitting there in its boxes while Wahoo continues to ignore me. Other than one “your case was handed over to the warranty team, we will check and come back to you” two weeks ago, I got nothing, no action, no status update, no message, nothing !

Is this normal for Wahoo and I am to blame that I should not have spent this much money on the company with the, at least in my experience, worst customer service ever, or have others been treated this poorly as well ?

Yes, I am angry, really angry (but would be grateful to hear from others how they went with Wahoo).

Cant talk to the support from them as my Kickr works fine, but if you do a search for “Kickr bike”, plenty of experiences pop up. This one is notable mostly because people seem to be having a good experience from Wahoo for bike replacements.

Good luck Dominique.


There has been a lot of conversation about the Kickr Bike at DCRainmaker’s website. Here is a thread were there has been a lot of conversation about the unit. Maybe someone there will have a suggestion.

Well, after Wahoo allocated someone else in their team, I finally received my replacement bike today. Customer service is for people, by people … you can be unlucky or lucky in who you get, but would hope that Wahoo will do better in the future (that said, I hope I will not need a replacement bike again…).