Kickr Bike hardware fault

Kickr bike hardware fail
Purchased a Kickr Bike from a reseller back in June 21. Has been great, worked well ever since until recently.
Switched on at mains and the unit started up as normal, Switched to unlock mode and the bike levelled according to gradient on ride as usual, then simply powered down.
Adapter / brick has flashing LED whilst connected to bike, disconnect it and the LED displays as solid light.
I purchased a new adapter in the hope it was that but gives exactly the same outcome.
As purchased through a reseller I potentially have issues returning it to Wahoo unless I’m able to process a request via the original buyer, excellent customer service from Wahoo tbf, they’ve advised that it’s a hardware fault. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if by chance anyone knows a fix??:crossed_fingers: anyone know a someone who may know what it is and how could be fixed?
Winter is coming and I need to get on to some suffering sessions.
Cheers in advance :+1: Ride On :+1:

Check out this thread - a few mentions of what appears to be as similar problem (from post 30’ish) …

Buying it from a reseller shouldn’t change anything and doesn’t mean you should be left with a non functional brick.

I had the same error (flashing light on the power brick, bike does nothing and horrendous rough pedalling behaviour).

I went back to the reseller (my bike shop) and provided them with a clear video of what was happening.

They sent they off to Wahoo’s distributor in Australia FE Sports and the replacement was done in 3 weeks. The dead bike went back to bike shop and the new one arrived at my bike shop.

Bought it off a guy via Facebook Marketplace, Wahoo are sending out a new adapter brick to try but I’m confident that will make no difference. Once that’s confirmed it’s maybe have a peek at internals to see if anything obvious or sell for ‘spares or repair’ and buy another turbo. I won’t be buying another wahoo though as the bike as well as standard Kickr would seem to have fault issues, I burnt out a Neo 2 end of last year so I’m on a roll with Turbos failing! Garmin/Tacx were really good with exchange/ swap out. Tbh, I’d rather they were just build better and lasted longer 🤷