Wahoo Climbing Mission 2022 FAQ

Hi @Jim_Egan

Is there not a option in the Game home screen? Top left?

Gerrie’s right. Here’s what you see in Zwift on an iPhone. If you are only seeing the TdZ tally table on the left, you need to tap one of the white chevrons to reveal the Climbing Mission sign up option (that I’ve already clicked, here). I’m guessing that it’s similar on Apple TV, as it’s like this on iPad, too.


@Jim_Egan, make sure you have updated the Zwift app too, a new version was released yesterday for Apple TV.

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Will the altitude you cover during interval workouts count towards the mission?

I would assume YES. All climbing will count Races, free rides , group rides and workouts.

From the post above.
Is there a tagged list of events on zwift.com/events ?
Because this is a Mission, there is not a tagged list of events. But, all in-game elevation gained during the mission will count toward completion .

The left/right arrows under that tile will show up if there is more than one relevant tile to show you.

All - we released a patch v1.21.2 today that you’ll want before you start the Climbing Mission. If you’re prompted to update the game app - say yes.


Even better, in the version released just now, the TdZ and Wahoo Climbing Mission tiles now alternate automatically every four or five seconds, so you don’t really need the arrows/chevrons. :+1:

[Edit: interestingly (to me), the automatic tile alternation is only observable in iOS and iPadOS. On tvOS it doesn’t happen, but if one selects an arrow/chevron, to reveal the Climbing Mission tile, the TdZ tile moves back about 6 seconds later and stays there. All OS are latest versions, as are Zwift apps. I’m curious if this happens in Windows and MacOS.]

This starts on the 24th January … but what time zone? Or is it any time zone as long as it is your 24th January?


So, have any zwifters in New Zealand or Australia done a ride this morning (it being already 24 Jan where you are) and seen it contribute to the climbing mission?

I’m curious to know how Zwift have set this one up. We can imagine that some people might run down the clock at the end of the mission, too, so it would be good to know in advance at exactly what time rides will stop counting towards it.

I’m 10 hours into 24th and did a quick ride. No additional data has shown up anywhere including where the check-in screen is located in the app (still says “Checked in”). Restarted Zwift app, no change.


Hmmm. Makes me think that either someone at ZHQ has to actively toggle something in the back-end to start the Mission, or else the start time is programmed on a UTC+x basis, like the changeovers in the TdZ, which happen at 08:00 UTC, currently.

I’m sure all will become clear before the 24th (somewhere) is over :upside_down_face:

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Started a ride after 0:01 EST - ha ha - lets see if accrues to my 6096m!

Well that sucks… I finished a ride just before 10am CST here in the US and I did not get credit towards the climbing mission. Of course, when I logged in just after 10am, now it shows the counter and it’s at 0 feet. SO I assume the mission started in my time zone at 10am, but it did not say that anywhere. All it said was it starts on “January 24” and I thought it was safe to assume that 10 hours after midnight would work.


that doesn’t seem fair, @shooj can this be fixed/credited for those that rode early this morning?

This seems a bit silly, there was no indication anywhere of a time of when the mission started, just a date. Its weird not to assume that a ride completed Monday morning EST would count towards this. Specifically had selected a long climb ride this morning because I thought it would be counted, seeing the counter at zero is disheartening.

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I just finished the Inez’s workout with 300m climbing. None of it showed up on the wahoo mission. So I assume that workouts don’t count

I have the same problem. Did a workout at 10. No credit for the elevation that I did. Boohoo

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Really sucks after doing PRL Full… on the 24th GMT+1… nowhere a start time is mentioned…
Can this be looked at, cheers

Hey all - sorry for the communications gap. This mission did not trigger Jan 24 in local time zone.

I have asked if we can retroactively credit those who were registered for this mission and didn’t get credit this morning. Stand by for the answer, please.