Wahoo Climb Mission on Apple TV4k

Hi, I can not find the Wahoo Climb Mission join Button in Apple TV 4k. Any ideas. Thanks Pat

The mission selection/dialog should show up to the left of your course selection/dialog.

Hi can’t find it!!! See attached pic

Thanks for your ■■■■!!

You have already hit “RIDE” to get to your screenshot. The mission dialog is before that, on the same screen as the route/course selection. See image below:

I too am on Apple TV. I was able to see and select the Wahoo mission on Monday.

In the Android App it shows up but not on Apple TV


Perhaps, double check that the Apple TV Zwift app is updated. After that, maybe power cycle the Apple TV to ensure that it has cleared out any junk ?? I usually wait a couple minutes after pulling the plug.

Hi the Apple tv Update solved the problem :grinning:

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The World Mission is not showing for me on my AppleTV either

Make sure that the app is fully up to date.