Wahoo Climb Mission on Apple TV4k

(Patrick Schlenker) #1

Hi, I can not find the Wahoo Climb Mission join Button in Apple TV 4k. Any ideas. Thanks Pat

(Lin Alan) #2

The mission selection/dialog should show up to the left of your course selection/dialog.

(Patrick Schlenker) #3

Hi can’t find it!!! See attached pic

Thanks for your ■■■■!!

(Lin Alan) #4

You have already hit “RIDE” to get to your screenshot. The mission dialog is before that, on the same screen as the route/course selection. See image below:

I too am on Apple TV. I was able to see and select the Wahoo mission on Monday.

(Patrick Schlenker) #5

In the Android App it shows up but not on Apple TV

(Lin Alan) #6


Perhaps, double check that the Apple TV Zwift app is updated. After that, maybe power cycle the Apple TV to ensure that it has cleared out any junk ?? I usually wait a couple minutes after pulling the plug.

(Patrick Schlenker) #7

Hi the Apple tv Update solved the problem :grinning: