Wahoo BT Speed and Cadence no longer pairing after 5/13 software update

New Zwifter here. Started the trial last week and everything was working. My setup is PC for Zwift, iPhoneX for Zwift Companion, with bike on classic “non-smart” trainer (Cyclops Fluid) using the Wahoo BT Speed and Cadence sensor (https://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/bike-sensors/wahoo-blue-sc-speed-and-cadence-sensor) to detect the zPower. Yesterday (May 13th) there was a Zwift software update and now Zwift no longer pairs with the Wahoo sensor. I tested via Wahoo Utility and it’s working in there. I’ve even changed out the battery on the sensor just to eliminate any low battery issue. I just started the month subscription and very disappointed that I cannot use the service with my current equipment. Anyone else experiencing this issue after the software update?