Wahoo and apple tv

Has anyone figured out how to link the kickr, tickr, and cadence through Apple TV? It says I can link 3 things through Apple TV via Bluetooth, which for me is kickr (counts as 2 things) and tickr. I link cadence through my iPhone, but those results don’t get included in my Zwift/Strava stats. Not sure if this makes sense…if it does and you’ve dealt with it, I’d like to hear what you did.

The apple tv has 3 bluetooth channels. 1 is taken by the remote, leaving 2 for additional peripherals. The kickr takes only 1 channel even though it provides 2 data points. The tickr takes the 3rd.

When you go to pair the cadence and it asks whether you want to use the companion app bluetooth, and you select yes, and the cadence tile in the pairing window says “no signal”, unpair and re-pair the cadence. It should then show up in the selection box with a phone icon rather than just a bare bluetooth symbol.

For best results you can use a bridging device to consolidate several ant+ signals into a single bluetooth signal in order to have all peripherals connected directly to the apple tv. The NPE CABLE and the 4iiii Viiiiva both work well.