W10 - Garmin Ant+ works with TR but not with Zwift

I have Trainerroad and Zwift.
Connected without usb extension cable a Garmin Ant+ 2 Stick on Windows 10.

Standard driver.
Other Garmin SW is off.
With TR it connects via Ant with my kickr Snap but not with Zwift.

Searched „ant“ in Zwift logs, but no result.

Did you make sure that Garmin Connect is not running?

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You mean on mobile?

No, I mean the Garmin Connect program that would can install on a PC, that could be stealing the ANT+ signal.

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No I have closed the Garmin SW (have just Express installed on windows)

Did a crosscheck and opened TR and Zwift again.
Working and not working.
Also restarted PC once

Ok, did you close Garmin Express before opening Zwift.

I got Garmin Connect and Garmin Express mixed up.

Hi, yes everything from garmin is closed. I have also checked via Windoof Taskmanager :slight_smile: