Visual Corruptions

 Running the Android Beta on a Samsung Galaxy S9 (Europe version).  I was on the Innsbruck course, and the road surface kept changing to grass as I moved forward.  Everything else worked well.

I get this too,

I also find my tablet struggles a bit with the graphics and freezes for a second then catches up again. Seems to happen more when going up the hill sections. My phone coped better (it is newer and has 6gb of ram instead of the 4gb my tablet has).

Seems to only happen with the Innsbruck course.

I was wondering if there could be an option to change the resolution or graphic rendering for lower powered android devices?

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I get some graphical issues too from time to time, though I am more worried about ANT+ support and being able to use my powermeter and smart trainer at the same time. Performance can be better optimized once all the features work.

Check if your tablet has any battery-saving features running? Mine seems to have more freezes when not connected to the charger.

There were regular visual interruptions.  Green streaks would regularly appear on my tablet–a Lenovo.  Frequently, the graphics would stop completely or it would appear as if a wal isl in front of me as if I was hitting the wall. I have used an iPad with Zwift and it works much better.

For me the graphics are smooth, just with some rare corruptions.  Definitely completely playable.

On my phone things are much smoother than my tablet both are completely playable though. Tablet stutters a bit but only for a second every now and then

I have not tested on my phone yet (Nokia 6.1), but given that it has more capable hardware and a slightly lower resolution than my tablet (Teclast T8) I am sure it would run a bit more smoothly.

The problem with Android tablets seems to be that there are heaps of cheap crap ones, but very few with decent mid or high end specs. The Samsung S tablets cost more than an ipad that can outperform it.

Perhaps around the “black Friday” sales this year I can pick up a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (or newly announced Plus version) - the Snapdragon 660 should handle Zwift with absolute ease.

I did the same workout on the same tablet with the same trainer and HR monitor paired but around watopia instead of Innsbruck and it was fine, no visual issues and ran much more smoothly generally.

Are the graphics for Innsbruck more processor heavy?

No idea - I’ve ridden on Innsbruck only a few of times, but using the same tablet, and sometimes I had more stutters than other rides. Could have been number of riders, the wi-fi having tantrums, charger plugged in vs not, who knows.

I rode Watopia last night without any issues. Maybe it is just a problem with Innsbruck?

Edit: This is something we have bugged up by our QA team. Thanks for the heads up! 

I’ve used Zwift on my Pixel C tablet for years. There have always been some graphical glitches on some courses as the road changes to grass / snow / dirt - just looks terrible. Some courses are perfect, like Richmond, and others are buggy as ■■■■. France in particular is so bad up Ventoux that I hardly want to ride it.

I’ve raised it with Zwift support, but their response is basically ‘upgrade your device’. Why should I? It runs perfectly otherwise - smooth and rock-solid. Why am I getting these ridiculous corruptions on some courses? Everything is on the latest version etc.

Does anyone else have these issues? Or a fix?


I get similar bugs all the time, like this going up the alp

with the snow on the road. It happens with grass from time to time too on other worlds but, while it is annoying i have learned to live with it.

Yeah, that’s it. Have you tried Ventoux yet? It’s a complete mess.

No, not yet, I’m saving that for when they go properly live

I was riding Ventoux last Sunday, no mess?!?
Zwift on Win 10 PC, Ultra settings (Nvidia 1650).

Most of these seem to be on Android devices; except for a few things that Zwift has confirmed are issues everywhere (random tree through the sky road in New York, some boulders encroaching on the tar in Watopia). Doesn’t bother me too much, but it is definitely noticeable.

Is it just me, or (also on Android) are the intersections of the sky roads in New York more see-through than the rest?

Absolutely tons of other similar things on the various worlds though, even on a good PC. Entire buildings disappear on Crit City, for example.

Thankfully, it looks like all these graphical issues have been fixed on the new .54271 update. Haven’t been able to check France yet, though.

Yeah, I noticed it was much better after the update