Virtual Lights

It would be great if a new feature for lights could be incorporated into future update with the option of longer battery life and brightness etc on point upgrades etc. Those foggy sections in the alps and night rides would become pretty cool when lights are low.

Hi @Jason_Smith6, welcome to the forums.

Zwift already has headlights, but I think they are only visible if you have a higher graphics detail. I’m not sure if they are only available on the ultra detail setting or if maybe the high detail setting also has them? They aren’t there on basic detail for sure, so it depends on what you use to run Zwift (this is not a user setting, it is controlled by Zwift based on your graphics card/device).

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Bike headlights start from High profile, but can be enabled (or disabled) in the config file on PC/Mac.


Am I right in thinking that you only see the effect of the headlight of your own avatar?
Since starting to use a PC for Zwift, I’ve noticed during “night” periods the beam of white light coming from my head tube area, lighting up the road surface ahead and illuminating the backs of riders in front of me, etc. However, others’ avatars don’t seem to have lights from my point of view.

That sounds correct to me

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