New auto-adjusting graphics brightness....not floating my boat.


Loving Zwift, but I’m not sure the recent introduction of auto-adjusting graphics brightness is a step forward.  I agree it was getting a bit dim in some places, but now I’m seeing constant, noticeable stepping up and down of brightness every few seconds in some places.   It’s especially noticeable inside the volcano where, strangely, it’s become darker on the road.  It’s hard to recognise who’s passing me (I mean, er, who I’m passing…).  I have a fairly high-end GPU (GTX1060) running ultra.

Ride on!

We run a kickr and a flux in my house.  Both running off of Mac laptops, one a little newer than the other.  The newer laptop is having no problems with the adjustments to the graphics while is the other laptop is stuck in the weeds much of the time.  We have turned the graphic settings to low and it is still horrible a high percentage of the time.  I realize they want to innovate and such, but to potentially push some users away because their hardware which worked well one day and then after an update doesn’t work well is possibly a slippery slope…

You could try this hack to see if it resolves your issue:


Cool will try it tonight hopefully  THANKS

Thanks. I will try it.

It is too washed out for me after the update!

made the change, didn’t make a difference.  Our older mac laptop has become SUPER laggy the majority of the time you run zwift on it now.  Zwift was running just fine previously…And no I haven’t confirmed the specs yet, because it had always worked…Hopefully Zwift doesn’t start to follow the Apple model of forced obsolescence too closely, I love zwift but this is really frustrating.