Make Auto-Brightness a Setting

The auto-adjusting graphics brightness introduced in the recent update has caused many Zwift subscribers to experience washed out graphics. Many prefer the look of the versions prior. I suggest this be a customer defined setting rather than a forced one.

You could try this until it becomes an option:

Thanks Paul but that’s not an option when using AppleTV. 

Thanks Edwin!

Today I had my first ride after the auto-brightness update. I really don’t like it!

What was the intention to indroduce this the first place?! I mean - if it’s dark, it’s dark?!

You cannot adjust the brightness in real life either! (Well, maybe Shimano Di2 has some sort of option built in…).

The graphics look more like they came out of a cheap remake of a Disney comic! Or you could use it in a World War III nucelar holocaust movie after they dropped the bomb…

Sorry guys - I hope you will return to the original very soon! (Or at least built in an option to deselect auto-brightness).

Of course I could fumble around the prefs.xml. But why should I?! Please fix this!