Graphics option - "Watch" view in the "Game" for riders

How many of you have gone into “Watch” and then followed a rider of your choice ?

How many of you have gone WOW at the graphics in the “Watch” mode and how it transitions around the various views automatically all by itself when just watching someone else ride ?

As most of my rides are pace partner rides that involve a pretty constant power output and its not a “Race” but more of a scenic tour, I’m surprised the same “Watch” mode is not also available to the rider themselves while in the “Game”.

This would easily be my default graphics view, both the variation in sight and sound and I do not want to keep hitting buttons on the keyboard to change to set views, it would be a set and forget for me.

If you have not seen how much better the graphics are in the “Watch” mode, I suggest you try it the next time you log in.

How about a vote for an “Auto” mode and you can hit the “A” at the start of the ride or be able to set it as the default in the settings with either this or the existing standard setting.

The graphics are exactly the same. :slight_smile:

Anyway this can be done if desired: Automatically Cycle Camera Angles in Zwift | Zwift Insider

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That’s a pain in the ass , I don’t want to run a separate script just incorporate it into the game.

Zwift is already doing it in “Watch” mode just feed the identical video stream as an option to the rider, its just logical.

Good luck with your request.


Hi, Sorry didn’t mean to sound ungrateful, that script works a treat.

No idea why Zwift does not have an “Auto” or a “Manual” slider in the settings. The default should be “Auto” its way better than the fixed view or having to press buttons all the time, totally changes the game.

Thanks for the link, will use this “Add on App” until Zwift fix the problem.

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