Viewing Message History

Hi Fellow Zwifters

I don’t have use messaging during events but have started a little more over the Xmas period. During my last ride I asked a couple of questions, looking for some advice, but didn’t see all the responses. Is there anyway to see a history?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Pete_Humble_PACK, welcome to the forums. Are you using the companion app? You can scroll through the messages on the app.

You can’t look back at messages once you’ve finished the ride, though.

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But as the folks have shown, you can get answers here, so try asking us.


Yes, you can (assuming you are using a Windows PC; Don’t know about others).

They are all in your ride’s log file. Search for the lines containing “Chat:” in Documents\Zwift\Logs .

Yes I am using the companion app. Where can I scroll through the messages? I wasn’t using the companion app when I sent the messages, it was from the zwift app on an iPad. Does that make a difference?

Not using a Windows PC unfortunately. Using the zwift app on an iPad

Try “Zwift support - Locating Log Files

I will take a look. Thanks