Zwift Chat History from Log File

(Jeremy Carter) #1

I wrote a script that parses the Zwift log file and prints all chat messages and received ride ons to the command line as they are received.  It’s a scrollable chat history like any instant chat messager.  Eventually I would like to create a Qt application with a translucent background, but for now I’m more concerned with the basics.

The Zwift log file contains numbers associated with each rider, but no names, so my chat log only shows the number of the person who sent the message.  

[18:31:00] NETWORK:Heard area message from 8 (finally caught you!)[18:31:26] NETWORK:Heard area message from 16772 (I’m afraid I’m off. Still recovering the hamstring)

When we receive a ride on, there is nothing to indicate who sent it.

[18:30:07] Ride on received

Is there a zwift api that I could connect to?

Could rider names be included in the log file either at login or when a chat message or ride on is sent?

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #2

Amazing one! congratz! I just miss the scrollable chat feature. 

(Jonathan Lemon) #3

Just run zlogger and feed the chat.log to your script.  Names are included.

(Jeremy Carter) #4


That is some great work.  How did you get all that, parsing network packets from the mobile app?  Python for the win!

(Jeremy Carter) #5


I don’t wan’t to run winpcap or have any unnecessary scripts running.  I’d like to send a request for user names based on the user id number given in the zwift log file.  

I tried to following your code to see If I could write something to the effect of what I need to no avail.

Is there any documentation on the api?