Viewing angle / Point of view feels off.

I can’t seem to get the viewing angle quite right when I’m Zwifting on an iPad in a stand in front of my bike.  I’ve tried raising the iPad above/at/below eye level, tilting the screen, and changing the camera view but it always looks like the horizon in the game is just a little too high.  On level ground or slight declines it still looks like I’m heading slightly uphill.  The terrain needs to be greater that +/- %2 before the visuals tell my brain that I’m actually on an up/downhill.  I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same way?   …Probably way to much of a weird-ball setting to put an adjustment in the game but if many feel the same way perhaps it could be adjusted.  Or, perhaps I’m the only person who the view seems off to.?.


Yes, a slight downhill still looks like a slight uphill on my PC screen.