Perspective + downhills

Visually, when the slope is just slightly uphill, it always appears as a descent on my screen ( slightly, not a great one but it’s here ). Flats too look just slightly sloped down.W

When going downhill, if the grade is greater then -5%, I slow to a stop when not peddling. If it’s on the -9% grade, I accelerate, however, heavier rides blow by me at this point. ( not sure about grades in between as I never seem to see them when the numbers change so fast )

Acceleration seems totally borked. If I start from a dead stop, it seems to take 1-3 seconds before I move. Seems to do the same if I’m trying to close a gap or latch on to a passing rider. I see others complaining about latching on or the effort required to close a gap, I’ve been watching, and it all seems to revolve around a lag in accellerating ( at least it does for me… could be totally wrong ).

And most importantly, excellent game! I’m loving this. I"m not so concerned as others are about making all the hardware equal. I don’t see this as a realistic goal to accomplish giving the vast number of hardware choices for riders. However, the folks I ride with and myself have all setup ourselves so it’s basicly even beteen us. Since they are who I ride with in both real life and in beta here, it’s about as level as it gets for us.