Inconsistent visual and actual load data: Slope shows +6%, harder to ride but visually it looks like I'm going down

Slope shows +6%, harder to ride but visually it looks like I’m going down. Screenshot attached, but it is not the only case.

Interesting. To me it looks like an incline alright. But maybe you are right and I am spotting a virtual gravity hill. :blush:

Rhetorical question: Why has the submit button become a black box with black text? :thinking: Sigh.

That looks uphill to me, you can see the brow of the hill up ahead.

PS. I know a gravity hill, just down the road from Aston Hill for anybody who rides in the Wendover / Aston Clinton area of the UK.

So guys - one of you sees it as incline (as myself), another one - uphill. The screenshot is not edited (taken by Zwift at the end of my session) - you can see the slope +6% and the mark where I am (right top box - not reaching the top of the hill). I understand we all can have some optical differences in real life (like gravity hill), but a screenshot is a kind of a fact…
Interesting to know from other users if they had such experience in Zwift and if it is a bug or optical illusion?

I’ve raised this issue because in many Zwift rides, I do not see any visual signs of going uphill, but suddenly start feeling hard resistance, and only after some time start seeing slope +%% on the top right.
In real life you switch gears before you enter a slope, but here in Zwift (for me at least) you have to do it a moment after.
Only my feeling?..

An incline is uphill, no? In any case the camera view is from behind and above your bike, so the viewpoint is a bit distorted. You’re not going to see a hill looking like a wall in front of you. If you watch cycling on tv then often the steepness of a climb is not reflected in what you can see.

On your last point, yes my trainer reacts a second or two after Zwift shows the gradient change.


Incline means a slope, it doesn’t define whether it’s upwards or downwards, that’s why I said that it looks uphill.

Try changing the camera that you’re viewing the ride through, if you go for something lower it might make things clearer.

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Thanks Ricky. For some reason, I decided “incline” means “downhill” (English is my second language, sorry… “Decline” means downhill, now I know).
Your explanation was helpful for me. I do not watch TV at all… New to Zwift. Just wanted to hear from other people if they have such kind of problem(s).
And you are right about camera point of view. Probably even location of my big monitor during Zwift session adds an effect.
Thanks again!