Adjust camera view to make climbs and descents more obvious

When I’m riding, it’s often hard to tell if I’m on a climb, flat, or descent. Visually, there is very little difference between a -1% grade and a 2% grade, for example. I find myself constantly checking the tiny % indicator on the map.

Tweaking camera angles or positions could make inclines feel more realistic and be much more visually obvious. Currently, regardless of the incline the horizon line is always in the same place. On climbs, angle or position the camera lower so the horizon line moves up on the screen. The steeper the climb, the bigger the shift. On descents, do the opposite. This will create a natural-feeling sense of going up or down and will improve the sense of realism.

Hi @Bren_Marn_PDX welcome to Zwift forums!

Did you know that you can toggle through the camera angles yourself? Here’s how. You can choose from ten different camera views. This is especially nice when you want to screenshot / videocapture a moment that shows the context of the action.

  • If you Zwift on tablet / phone / AppleTV, you can do this from the Action Bar along the bottom of the screen.
  • If you Zwift on a computer with a keyboard, you can alternately press the 1 through 0 keys.

Hi Shuji, thanks for the response! What I’m suggesting is making the default camera view dynamic based on terrain. Subtle adjustments to the camera angle would make climbs and descents be more clear and feel more real.