Slope indicator position

Would it be possible to put the slope indicator on the bottom of the screen, in the middle? I use Zwift to run - which is great! - but if I want to match my treadmill’s incline/decline to the route, I need to watch the top right hand part of the screen continuously. On varying terrain I’m looking there more than I am looking where I’m running. It would be so nice to just have this in view so it is easier to enjoy the route and keep an eye on the slope percentage at the same time.

If your treadmill supports automatic incline changes, you can probably make that work automatically with Zwift if you bridge the connection using the QZ app ( You can talk to the developer @Roberto_Viola about that if you’re interested.

Chances are very low that Zwift will change the display for you. There are a lot of good suggestions for changes to the game display and they generally go nowhere.

Oh that would be even better if that worked with my treadmill! I will be looking into that! Thank you!