Move the incline display from upper right hand corner and add to Zwift Companion

This one should be relatively simple. The incline indicator is currently located in the upper right hand corner of the screen, over the top of the map. For those who wish to follow the incline on a treadmill, we need to manually change the incline on the treadmill itself. It would make sense that in the same way that following a program requires that we adjust pace/speed on our treadmills and there is a very visible pace display, that incline should also be right there, very visible, and not superimposed over the top of any other UI element.

The Zwift Companion App, for those who can’t run the full Zwift program, also has no indicators for what the incline is. That means that if we are limited to Zwift Companion for our display, we will have no indications what the incline should be to match what the virtual environment has. There could even be an indicator, similar to the training programs, “adjust incline to 1” and such.

Incline = Elevation box?

A lot of people are looking forward to see this as well as a complete customizable HUD menu. Just vote here: