View Position

My main gripe is the view position and the lack of visibility of the scenery. This could be improved in a number of ways.

1). I have to switch to first person view every single time on open Zwift. Why don’t you store the last used view so we don’t have to keep changing it.

2). Screen real estate is a premium but when you’re doing a workout then most of the screen is covered by UI overlays. The main thing you’re left looking at is the repetitive tarmac texture. Moving the workout UI down to the bottom would cover the boring tarmac and reveal the scenery.

3). When I’m doing a workout I’m not interested in nearby riders. It would be nice to be able to hide this like you can the chat.

4). You’ve added the ability to hide all the UI overlays via the app. This is great but you can only do it when free riding. I’d quite like this feature on workouts too. Maybe key instructions or something could remain on screen but I’d be happy to use the mobile app for this.

5). Being able to rotate your view up and down with the up/down keys would allow us to control the vertical angle so we’re not looking so far down and thus would get to see more of the scenery. Coupled with the automatic save of preferences (point 1) this would be nice.

6). I go on Zwift when the weather is crap. So I find it annoying sometimes when it’s raining and/or dark on Zwift too. It would be nice to have the option to turn off the weather and day/night effects so it’s always glorious sunshine when you want to ride.

After you press 1 for first person press 0 to rotate the camera with the arrow keys and ± will zoom in and out.

EDIT: oops I got 1st and 3rd mixed.

I don’t think you understand, Gerrie. Pressing 1 doesn’t put you in first person view. Pressing 3 does. And there is no way to adjust the camera while in first person view. Pressing 0 takes you out of first person view.

Thanks for the correction I got 1st and 3rd person confused :confused:.