Some Newby wishes

I’m comparably new to Zwift and would like to adress some wishes that came up during the first weeks:

  • General
    It would be nice to have all account-related settings in one of the platforms and not (as is) wide-spreaded on all 3.

  • Companion-App (Android)

  1. It seems that the Companion-App doesn’t rotate with the screen-orientation. Would be nice to have a fix for this.

  2. Being able to toggle the HUD of the main-screen is nice, having the option to show the elevation profile of the chosen track (nearby and full-track) in the companion would be even greater.

  3. Running (Workout-mode)! Since not that many treadmills are fully supprted yet, it would be nice to get the instructions (elevation and pace) in a more “eye-friendly” (means significantly bigger) way. Having to identify a 10 pt. font at 8mph is no fun.

  • Main screen:
    Mostly great, except for a minor annotation.
    The track’s elevation profile at the bottom of the mini-map is “eye-challenging” (at least on a 32" screen).
    I’d like to see the option to show the profile at the bottom of the main-window (compare the main screen of Rouvy for details)

Being a Newby, I’m very sure that some of these will have been adressed before, but at a (not too intense) search I couldn’t find them. So if one or more of my requests have already been answered, please point me to the matching threads.

FYI, pretty much everything you have listed has been requested in the past.

The good news is that voting on requests is supposed to push them up on the consideration list at Zwift so searching for each specific request (sort by number of votes and most will bubble to the top) and voting on them would be the best way to get them into the queue.

The bad news is, as you will see, some of these have been top requests for a long time and have not seen the light of day…