Just finished my first year - 6 suggestions from me

Just finished my first year - so I have spent some time with the product - here are 6 quick suggestions I would love to see.

1.) I want to set a default view - for me I want 1st person view, silly that I have to change it in the companion app each time
2.) I want a climb goal - with so much elevation on all the routes why not offer a goal for climbing
3.) I want my PR’s to stay longer than 30 days - I don’t get back to all the courses often enough - I want configurable 60 or 90 days
4.) I want to see my friends / followers PR’s in the rotation ( if they allow it via settings )
5.) I want a view that eliminates people doing workouts from my view - I just want to see the people riding. Workout folks might only want to see other workout folks too maybe.
6.) Mileage left in whatever route I have chosen - I know not all are loops but why not show me how much I have to go if I have chosen a route you make available

All these seem like small changes - hope you can get a few in.


I am coming up on my 1 year ! I agree with all your suggestions and would add the following:

7.) Route planner - it would be nice to be able to plan our own routes & workout courses
8.) Lap counter with time - when I complete a route lap it would be nice to know
9.) Segments that match the selected workout - I often get a notice that I am on a segment that is not apart of the route I have selected (ie. Hilly Loop is not apart of Volcano Flat - but you still get on-screen notices for it.) Segments should be aligned with routes.
10.) More visible elevation map - the tiny elevation map under the map screen is not very visible (even on a larget TV). This can add unwanted challenge on routes with quick elevation changes (NY).
11.) Custom UI - I could use less on-screen clutter and more information that I care about (see above suggestions)
12.) Map selector - I hear people want this.

All these seem like BIG changes - hope you can get a few in. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work - fantastic efforts from the Zwift team so far !


Thanks for the ideas!
3. Yes yes yes to older PRs!
I would like to see my all time PR, as well as a 90 day PR, especially on climbs
It would be lovely to see some kind of tracker so I know, half way up the Alpe if I am in range.

  1. An option to exclude workout riders, yes.

7, 8, 10, 11 from E Lamooureux also yes

My two contributions:
13. on the Companion App, in the view listing Zwifters, allow you to fix where you yourself appear on the screen, so your name doesn’t suddenly shoot up/ down (and vanish) when a group appears.

  1. Improve the ability to ride with a friend by adding:
  • option to request you join a friend any time during a ride
  • option to allow / decline a request
  • option to allow you to rejoin if you (or they) have to stop
  • a flag /beacon /highlighting for each group member so they don’t vanish when a crowd goes by
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Your #8 and my #6 are similar - I said mileage, you said time but I think both are valuable ( and motivating )

I was excited to see the new Wahoo Mission - which is a climb goal, and I know we have had climb goals before - hope we can just make this part of “normal” goals. I am still excited to start climbing to get some entries into the new Mission! :grin: