Viewing a race as a DS

I’m injured this season so I’m the designated DS. I get my avatar into the pen and then just watch and coach via fan view. However, “Fan view” likes to get creative with the camera angles. Tonight is the TTT and I’d really like to resolve this issue. Is there a way for me to DS and choose the camera angles that will help me know what’s going on? (I use either an Apple TV or my MBP)

Thanks for your input.

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You can still change the camera view when fan viewing someone, but I think it will change back to random when you switch to someone else.

I would suggest using the MacBook for easier navigation and access to the keyboard shortcuts for camera views.

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View zero is the drone that you can control with +/- keys and arrows. very useful.


Thanks! I will try that on the next race.

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Thank you. Using the mbp was definitely the way to go. I was trying to do all this from my ZC app.