Zwift Racing View

(David Lee) #1

I’m new to racing (got dropped in my first/only race when I encountered a zero power dropout for about 5 seconds - something I hope to fix with a USB extension cable). What is the best view in a race (or group ride). I’m wondering if it is the one from above? 

A second question semi-related. Using the Mobile App and looking at ‘the riders near you’, what is the best way to find yourself if you are scrolled off the list. Is it just start a scroll up/down the list? Or is there a faster way to get the list centered around you? 



(Ron Sines [odz] B) #2

there is an arrow in the lower right of the screen you can click on to get the camera back on you.  As far as camera view for racing, I always use the rear view because the other racers are always behind me.  :p