Replay feature

Zwift should add a feature where you can watch your pasts rides or races so you can see why you could of done better, for example, I just finished a race and when I was sprinting I had no idea where the other riders were and so I would look at my replay to see what happened so I can Improve next time, it would be really awesome to see this in a future update.

That will be cool for broadcasting Zwift races aswell. But I can imagine the amount of data to keep track of 100 riders position every 10th of a second over a 40min ride.


Hi, I don’t do races, but can you change the camera view still during racing? If you can, then why not pull out to widest angle near the finish sprint so you can see what’s going on around you?

Hey! Look who it is! Good to see you around Gerrie :slight_smile:

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I’d just like to see a replay of the finish.

I just had a race we’re I won a sprint but looking at the result there didn’t seem to be anyone behind me! It would be good to see what happened.