Instant Replay

It would be great if I could replay my session after the fact and switch to different riders’ perspectives and camera angles. This would allow me to review a ride/race and figure out what the action was even if it happened out of my view at the time. A bonus would be able to script camera changes and be able to record highlight videos.

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that would be a nice killer feature!

I hate to think of the exponential increases in servers (and therefore power (not ecologically sustainable) and cost) required to make this happen for all rides for an ever-expanding zwift community… but this would indeed be killer. An option to download a file (containing one overview angle or all camera angles) in the 24 hours following the ride would save on server requirements?

I had a similar suggestion for replay of the end of a race.  The last minute or so before the finish from an overhead camera angle would be fun, and we could see where that rider who just beat us to the line came from!

Good point about the computing load.  A download or video we can view some time after the event concludes would be fine.

It actually would not be an exponential server increase since most of the rendering would be done on the client side. It’s mainly a storage issue because the servers would have to store the positions of all riders in the event. To do a replay, they probably wouldn’t have to store all the data - two updates a second probably would be enough to get a reasonably accurate replay.

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