Instant replay after sprint!


Yesterday I was part of an absolutely epic sprint at the end of a race… it would have been great to revisit it.

Would it be possible to have the chance to watch the last 200-500 meters of a race once it’s over? It is a basic feature of any sports videogame.

Thanks for your great efforts at improving Zwift!

Yes please. It would be great to have an overhead/helicopter/drone shot of the 20 seconds or so prior to the finish line.

Several requests have been posted for this, but all seem to be archived.


After a race, I’d love to see a replay of the last 1km showing how the sprint finish played out. Similar to the big tours in real life, where an overhead helicopter view of the top 20 or so riders going into the final kilometer so we can see how the tactics played out and what kind of effort those riders made.

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Hopefully we’ll get tools like that. They’d really help the broadcasts of races too. Given Zwift’s new interest in eRacing I expect they’ll put more effort into supporting racing.

(Historically they appeared to view it as a niche activity that didn’t warrant a lot of attention. That seems to be changing now - you don’t pull pro teams in without throwing resources at it, I reckon.)

This is the feature I would most like to see added to Zwift. It would be awesome to replay the last 500 m or so of a race sometime after its completion when we are not focused on nailing the finish with heart rates at maximum.

Can this be done? Could Zwift save the data so we can see the end of the race exactly as if we were riding it. But now with time (and oxygen in our brains) to change camera views and analyze the finish.

If that can’t be done, then maybe just a video from the overhead perspective? Something that could be saved and shared?

Sprint finishes seen from above.

Maybe it could just be a button on your companion app (or device that you run Zwift on) that would trigger recording. Thus the race data could be stored on your device without cluttering Zwift’s servers. We could also record attacks on climbs that way