Pre race drop out from the pen

Hi I was dropped out of the pen pre race for the Zwift WRTL TTT last night- the whole app ( Mac laptop) just shut down- wouldnt let me log back in until after 3 attempts. Wouldnt let me ‘join event’ and also even trying to use iphone app and rider ‘watch’ view to support my team ( chatting on discord) the watch button would not activate so I could not watch my team… Was this a common issue or just a crash due to a nice 3rd world problem of massive numbers logging in and overwhelming the event capacity ? ( Mind you I had already prelogged on earlier to the event so not a late sign in either)

If you couldn’t use the Fan View button then you were probably not logged in to the correct world. To watch another rider you need to have started a Zwift session on the as the rider that you’re trying to watch.

I don’t know why your app crashed in the first place though.

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Thanks Steve
The TTT was on Innsbruck so that explains why I couldn’t “watch” on the fan view. The sudden shut down and not being allowed to log back on until after 3 further attempts … yeah that was weird.
Thanks for the reply

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