View on Apple TV

I just switched from Ant+ to Apple tv. So far no signal drops or freezes. Long group ride tomorrow should tell the tale. Only problem I have is I’m not fitting everything in the screen view. It is just barely off. I’m running at 720. I’m using an old flat screen and that maybe the problem. Any suggestions?

Look for the “overscan” setting on your TV. This should resolve your problem.

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I think it’s an older tv issue. I had this issue on a couple of screens, you only miss a little bit but it really bugged me. Bought a cheap one from Tesco and still had the same issue, was fine using my old Samsung though. Now bought a 49” cheap sharp and it works fine

Yes it is the tv. I ended up using the 1280x? format and that has everything is the picture again. Graphics not quite as good though.