AppleTV graphics look chunky [1.14.0] [June 2021]

Always love an update.

Unfortunately with this one text on my 2021 Apple TV has gone fuzzy / chunky compared to how lovely and smooth the HD was displaying previously.


Would you have a screencap from your session saved to the Companion app? Would you mind uploading it here so we can see what you’re seeing?

Thanks @shooj

May not look as obvious on these captures but on a true 1080 HD screen the low res feel much more visible. Especially the text. It’s like the AA filter is off.

Here’s a screen shot from a week ago. Very smooth text / curves

These are from today. If you zoom into the text you can see all the edges are rough on the text or anything with curves.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screenshots. I’ve started a ticket for fuzzy graphics on Apple TV in game version 1.14.0

If others are seeing this - please chime in so we can see the reach of this issue.



Unfortunately still super fuzzy on my ATV 2021 with the new update 1.15.

Attached screen shots. Again was perfect on that small window where the graphics were updated before 1.14. Really noticeable on a Full HD TV. The rider list is starting to get hard to read with the fizziness (is that a real word?)


Thanks for the screenshots - it’s always helpful to see what you’re seeing.

This wasn’t addressed in 1.15.0. We’re still investigating how to improve this across all the variables that exist in the wild.

My brother sent me one of his screenshots, showing how bad the ATV 4K (2017) graphics have gone since the JUNE update. Before and after shots. Look how fuzzy they are now (bottom shot).
Nothing has changed except the June and July updates.


Riders list is bearly readable:

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I am having the same problem with my 2017 ATV 4k currently. Looks exactly the same as previous replies. The rider list is especially bad.


Can you be just as quick to fix the ATV 2021 remote? I don’t think anyone cares about a white Tron bike.