Video screenshot mid-video stall glitch on Strava

Not a Zwift issue per se… but wondering if anyone else is having this problem and/or has a solution.
Running an M1 Max MBP. Video screenshots uploaded to strata stall on playback at the halfway point. I can generally manually scrub through the second half of the video and see content, but normal playback either freezes at the mid-point or loops when it hits the midpoint.

The original files play fine on the laptop and when sent to others in other applications.

I have exact issue. I created a similar thread here a couple of months ago, but haven’t received any solutions yet. Also no response from Zwift when I contacted them about it. I can upload other non Zwift videos to Strava fine. I can even view videos from Zwift ok on my iPhone, but if I then upload to Strava, they get about 5-7 seconds in and then loop when it hit the corrupt spot. If I drag the slider past that spot it will then play the remainder of the video.

I’ve had some videos upload and work in recent weeks. Others stall mid-playback. I have to think it is a Strava issue. Hit and miss…