Video Screen Shots should not be enabled on Windows 10 N. Results in millions of errors in log

When using Windows 10 N and the video screen shot feature is enabled by default, video capture cannot start (because Windows 10 does not have Media Foundation) and the log file quickly fills with millions of lines like this one, resulting in log files of 100MB or more, consuming hard disk space and causing performance slow down. Maybe video screen shots should not be available on Windows 10 N.

ERROR LEVEL: VIDEO_CAPTURE : WindowsFailure, 265200 of 10, reasons=["Encoder: MFStartup failed, hr=-2147467263", "VCW_StateMachine: Encoder failed"]

Hi @zwiftalizer If you’re using a Windows N or KN edition, installing the Media Feature Pack for Windows N releases resolves this problem. Check out Microsoft’s article for more information.

I appreciate that. However, in my opinion, the video screenshot feature should be automatically disabled if the system does not have the required software dependencies, just like it does if the system does not have the required hardware dependencies.


:point_up_2: The game should check if its dependencies are present before going down a path that uses them, especially if it’s related to an optional feature like this


agreed, the video screenshots are causing so many performance issues to PC users, seemingly due to Zwifts poor optimization and heavy dependency on the CPU.

Good point about checking for dependencies and having the app act accordingly. I’ll pass it along to our developers.

It occurred to me that another option would be to surface the problem in the zwiftalizer UI: tell the user that their log file is a bag of rocks and how to fix it. Perhaps this veers away from the mission of the service, but it would be a kindness to these users and doesn’t depend on Zwift taking action.

I like that idea Paul. The intent of the tool has always been to help users self-service their troubles. However, the log reader times out when they contain this many errors and approach 100 MB because I have hard limits set on how much data I store and process to keep my costs under control.