Video capture is not currently supported on Macs with Intel CPUs

Zwift support has confirmed that the Video Capture feature is not supported on Apple Mac hardware running Intel CPUs. This means that if you have any Apple Mac Product prior to 2020 production. You are out of luck, since apple only began transitioning to Apple Processors in 2020.

Effectively, Zwift has left out a lot of customers by not supporting this. Contact Zwift to get them to hurry up and support Intel CPUs on Macs. Annoying.

Unfortunately I don’t see them doing this. I can’t see Apple supporting Intel in a couple of years, let alone Zwift.

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Sounds as though zwift are just keeping up with modern hardware and operating systems

would you rather it was enabled and then it cripples your performance when using zwift? That is what was found with some older intel cpus using windows, would be interesting to see what intel cpu is inside your mac mind

there are plenty of users that don’t have that facility yet, intel cpus below 10th gen are not yet enabled or supported, android devices are not yet enabled

having just done a quick google the last mac pro 2020 only had an 8th gen cpu

it gives me a slight FPS hit on my 12th gen intel, so it’s pretty CPU heavy (and it crashes the app on exit if i have it enabled, but i assume that isn’t how it’s supposed to work). it’s a fun idea and i’d like to see it optimised and improved on, but for now i would recommend using OBS instead even to the people who do have access to it


Keep in mind that video screenshots on Macs are using different methods than on PC due to the available APIs. There is no reason to believe that the CPU requirements are the same on both platforms.