Video Feature Missing for M3 Macs

I do not have the option of selecting the video capture because the feature does not appear in the Companion App. I am using a MacBook Pro with the M3 chip and the Companion App is 3.52.0 (1595). When I look in “Settings” in Zwift there is no option present that refers to Video function. Does anybody use a new MacBook Pro M3 and have access to the video feature?

@evan-zwift is the guy to answer this one

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Hey @Don_McWilliam_HERD - we’ll be rolling out support for M3 Macs shortly - stay tuned.


hey, I bought a Macbook M3 Pro - and I was very disappointed… After installing the ZWIFT application, I don’t see the Video screenshots option in it… Does Zwift support video screnschot for the latest Apple M3 Pro processors?

Thanks for any respond.

Hi Evan, are there any known implementation dates for M3 series processors?

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M3 have been out for a while now, would love for video screenshots.

Would Zwift ever be open to an unsupported advanced mode? It feels like a lot of configurations are hidden behind hardcoded whitelists rather than objective measurements; video screenshots on M3, high graphics profiles on new GPUs (esp. AMD).

I understand Zwift probably wants to be the “it just works” platform, and that’s absolutely fine, but allowing users a backdoor to unlock configurations where appropriate would prevent a lot of frustration.

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Hi Mariusz - Thanks for your message. We’re still rolling this out gradually for M3 devices and it is now available for approximately 50% of users on M3s. We’ll continue dialing this up over the next two weeks assuming there aren’t any unexpected issues identified - thanks for your patience.

Thanks for this feedback - we don’t currently have plans for this, but I agree with your point and we’ll continue discussing it for the future.

Well, seems to be the right place for the question.
I have an iPhone SE with the latest Software Version and Zwift updated.
There is no video capture function at all if I use the companion App…
I also have an iPad where I can‘t choose the video mode?
What specs do I need to get the Video Mode?
Thank you and best regards

Last we heard, you need an A12 CPU or later

Hi folks, Video Screenshots is now available for all M3 Macs. You can enable or disable this in Settings.