MacBook air 2020 w/o video recording

Dear community. I hope you can assist me.
I have a MacBook Air from 2020 with Intel i3, Zwift game version 1.47.0. I have been waiting game update after game update to get the video recording option ,as I always thought my Apple device was not into the first ones to get the implementation. Now Zwift says all Apple compatible devices should get it and also Windows ones as well.
Any other user with this device and problem?, for the next generation with M1 it does work. My understanding is that my device is not an old one and should be suitable for the option, but maybe I am mistaken.
Thanks a lot for the support in advance.



I don’t believe they have enabled video screenshots for all Apple devices. Yours has a pretty slow CPU. I’m not surprised it’s not enabled. If it were you’d probably find significant impact on game performance and probably need to turn it off.

Thanks for your prompt answer Paul. I see :frowning:
I have Zwift running in max resolution (Ultra 1440p) and it runs really fluid. I did not though the game performance could be an issue but makes all the sense.


Video screenshots are not enabled for Macs with Intel processors I’m afraid.

I think they moved away from Intel processors later on in 2020.

Thanks Stuart.
That is also my fear, the issue is that I only found documentation talking about iOS versions, as limitation for the functionality, but not processors. Indeed Zwift in one of its publications mentioned “ * Mac (minimum macOS version: 10.15)”.