Version 1.14.1 72785 power dropouts

Since Version 1.14.1 72785 I now have experienced random power dropouts which I’ve NEVER had before. This is common across a few others known Kickr bike owners and the latest version only (BLE & ANT+). Also, the screen may freeze for a split second and other riders telling me I’m doing 360’s when this occurs.

same here. Version 1.14.1 (72785) running on macbook pro OS mojave with Wahoo Kickr core using BLE. I have followed the troubleshooting guide for BLE in the support page, but it still keep having powerdrops. After i turn off on bluetooth in my mac. it connects back. But after a certain time, the power drop again.

For me, there is no freeze. just the powerdrop out.

After update today: 3 dropouts in five muinutes. Get sick of this. Will try BKOOL now.