Kickr power fluctuations using BLE

I’m experiencing power fluctuations +/- 50 watts when trying to hold steady during a workout interval. I cause me to fail all workout segments. If I focus really heard I can get it to go up and down by only 30. This seems broken and is what many people have reported over time with Kickr.

I have the latest Kickr (2 weeks old), latest firmware, spindown complete, no fan, no TV on, MacBook Pro within 4 feet of Kickr. The problem seems to occur with the Wahoo Fitness App (iOS) but no so much on m Elemnt.

Some people in a recent workout suggested switching to ANT+ FE-C to fix the issue. Have others done this with success?



Tried ANT+ and found sensors way faster. Power stuff fluctuates but not as bad. Frustrating this doesn’t just work in Zwift when power is rock steady in Wahoo Fitness App and in Wahoo Elemnt. Can’t possibly be due to interference given those setups work fine.