Ven-Top, Alpe du Zwift and Epic KOM on climb portal?

Everything is in the title.
It would be nice to have the big climbs of the game also available on Climb Portal :slight_smile:

What is your reasoning for this? They are already in-game, so why would we want/need them a second time?


In order to have the same functions (colors according to slope, 10 segments) and why not an exact reproduction, and for the Ventoux, the 3 possible routes.

Well, one issue is right now they only allow 2 climb portals active at one time. So if they duplicated a current climb available in the game hopefully it wouldn’t take one of those two slots :slight_smile:

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And why would you want the snoring drag that is ven-top included

It’s great - really fun! Actually also one of the nicer looking routes as well. And few hairpins so you don’t get to rest, got to work. :wink:

But I don’t see the need to have it in climb portal. There are long climbs already in that.

For Ventoux it would be nice to have the existing climb have the other routes for it, same for Alpe du Zwift having the other routes (as on real Alpe d’huez) and a little mountain top village as in real life.

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